Thursday, June 7, 2012

1500 Tournament List

I'm playing in a 1500-point tournament next weekend (June 16), so once again I need to look at my list. Based on previous tournaments, I know that I need to increase my survivability against shooting. I've had a hard time getting to my opponents before being whittled down by fire. I also want to bring my new jet (whether as a Dakkajet or Blitza-Bommer) just for kicks. So what's a warboss to do?

Magnetizing an Ork Flyer, Part Two

I love it when a plan comes together! Last night I completed magnetizing my Ork flyer's Blitza-Bommer configuration, and it was even easier than the Dakkajet (described in Part One).
Bombs away!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Magnetizing An Ork Flyer, Part One

I picked up my first Ork flyer from the Newport Hobby House on Friday, and carved out some time to assemble it the past few nights. As I've not had a chance to playtest any of the variants (Dakkajet, Blitza-Bommer, Burna-Bommer) and with 6th Edition right around the corner, I wanted to use magnets to make the model convertible between at least two configurations, preferably the Dakkajet and the Blitza. As of last night, I have the Dakkajet configuration finished.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Power Weapons. Take One

A couple nights ago I made my first attempt at painting power weapons. I had two axes and a hammer to paint,  and decided to use the "reflective" technique popular with Grey Knights and Blood Angels. I briefly considered trying object source lighting (OSL) but shied away from doing so... maybe next time.

Needs a little cleanup, eh?