Sunday, June 3, 2012

Power Weapons. Take One

A couple nights ago I made my first attempt at painting power weapons. I had two axes and a hammer to paint,  and decided to use the "reflective" technique popular with Grey Knights and Blood Angels. I briefly considered trying object source lighting (OSL) but shied away from doing so... maybe next time.

Needs a little cleanup, eh?
Here's a shot of my palette. You can see the smears of green that I used to blend up all of the colors I used on the weapons. I started out with a full spectrum from Orkhide Shade up to Skull White, but on a small surface there wasn't enough room to transition through the middle colors and it looked too monochromatic. I ended up starting with Goblin Green and working up to a Scorpion Green-Skull White combination.

The wolf scout was my third attempt, and I think his blade is the most successful execution.

Besides more Space Wolf work, I did pick up a new toy for my Orks that I'm very excited about assembling tonight:

My plan right now is to magnetize the model so that I can run any variant. If that proves to be too difficult, I'll probably build a Dakkajet

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