Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tourney Hotwash - 3/24/12

Rather than doing better than I did last time, I did worse. Oddly, though, I had a better time. Perhaps getting the Grey Knights game out of the way early helped, and as an added bonus it was the Dawn Of War game, so I crossed off two birds with one stone. I didn't win any appearance awards, but I did earn some "oohs" and "aahs" from a lot of other competitors, including a mention on Dakka Dakka.

Round 1 - "At Dawn With Victorious Weapons!"

Deployment: Dawn of War
  • Annihilation (W=21, T=10, L=0)
    • Kill Points
  • Take and Hold (21, 10, 0)
    • Control more markers in your opponent's half
  • Defend The Flag (21, 10, 0)
    • Control more markers in your own half
  • Tactical Bonuses (+1 ea)
    • Opponent has <4 units at end
    • Your most expensive unit alive and not fleeing
    • More scoring units alive than opponent
    • Score >= 4 Kill Points with one unit
Opponent: Jason Orlowski, Grey Knights [list]

Result: 0/0/0 (0)

Round 2 - "Cleansing Siege!"

Deployment: Spearhead
  • Battlefield Control (21, 10, 0)
    • Table quarters
  • Annihilation (21, 10, 0)
    • Kill Points
  • Lead By Example (21, 10, 0)
    • HQ unit within 6" of table center
  • Tactical Bonuses (+1 ea)
    • Opponent has no Elite at end
    • Opponent has no Fast Attack at end
    • Opponent has no Heavy Support at end
    • Your HQ kills opponent's HQ
Opponent: Roger Melo, Space Wolves [list]

This game was a LOT closer than the score. I lost "Annihilation" by a considerable margin, but it was 1-0 on quarters and I was one failed cover save away from drawing "Lead By Example."

Result: 0/0/0 (1 - no FA)

Round 3 - "Where Blood Will Be Shed..."

Deployment: Pitched Battle
  • Tactical Markers
  • The Sum of Parts
  • Recon
  • Tactical Bonuses (+1 ea)
    • Scoring unit 3" from table center and opponent does not
    • Most expensive unit alive and not fleeing at end
    • HQ in opponent's deployment zone at end
    • Score 800 more Victory Points than opponent
Opponent: Chris "Jawaballs" Dubuque, Blood Angels [list]
Result: 10/10/10 (0)

My opponent in the 3rd round was Internet superstar Jawaballs. As anyone who's seen his work (whether on his blog or elsewhere) can attest, he's a terrific painter. As good as I thought my army looked, his was definitely in another tier entirely. I don't know what the scores were, but he certainly earned the Best Appearance prize he was awarded.


I had a really fun time at this tournament. One nice thing about not fighting for a prize is that there isn't a whole lot of pressure and games can actually be fun. Once I got smoked in round 1, my next two games were with were with two great opponents who really enjoyed rolling dice and pushing models around the board. I can't wait for the next one!


  1. Hello,

    I am enjoying your blog. Your orks look great.


    1. Thanks! It's a lot of stuff to paint, but I love seeing them hit the table. It makes all the squinting and brush-licking worthwhile.