Thursday, February 2, 2012

Painting a Space Wolf Army

I've started painting Mike's Space Wolves. I'll be using a mix of palettes used and demonstrated by "Space Wolves Grey" and "From The Warp," aiming to end up with something like this:

Here are two squads of Grey Hunters, a Wolf Scout squad, and a unit of Thunderwolf Cavalry ready for primer. Since their armor will be gray, I'm using Krylon Gray Primer rather than the black DupliColor Sandable Primer that I usually use.

Tomorrow I hope to prime an AoBR Dreadnought, Drop Pod, more Hunters, some Long Fangs with missile launchers, and a bunch of Rhinos and Razorback chassis. Then this weekend I should finally get a chance to run my airbrush for the first time, and I want to use it to lay Codex Grey on everything.

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